Typhoon H Probleme Lösung ???

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    • Typhoon H Probleme Lösung ???

      Typhoon H – GPS „Acquiring“-problem
      In the last few month in several drone forums Typhoon H user claim that they cannot start motors anymore. The GPS status remains in „Acquiring“ all the time. Change of GPS module did not help, change of flight controller (MCU board) seems to be the only solution. Often user reported that the problem occurred when they didn’t use the drone for month. But there also cases where the problem appears during normal use.
      In this case there are strong indications that the problem starts with a behavior that the drone resits to land and could not brought down. This also a known fault that was reported lately.
      I followed some of those fault reports in the forums, checked flight log data and at last got some MCU boards from generous donors. I could reproduce the “Acquiring”-problem.
      The five main symptoms are:
      1. GPS status stuck in “Acquiring”. The drone cannot be armed anymore.
      2. Motors will also not start when GPS was switched off. This unusual behavior can be used as
      quick test to identify the fault.
      3. Altitude on ST16 shows some meters below zero and did not initialize. The pressure
      sensor’s height estimate is OK, near zero at this time.
      4. The “Yaw” output in the GUI is slowly rotating while sensor values from accelerometer and
      gyroscope do not change constantly in one direction as Yaw is doing.
      5. Accelerometer Z-axis has a value far below 1000mG. This is wrong because we have 1G on
      earth. This indicates the root cause of the problem: ACCEL_ZOUT of MPU < 1000mG. GPS status and Altitude value:
      2022-02-15 1/6

      Yaw rotation:
      Wrong magnitude (acceleration Z-axis)
      Investigation environment
      I investigated all seven MCU-boards that I got from generous people.
      2022-02-15 2/6

      No 1 was fine and got GPS lock soon. It was used to compare the others with a good one.
      No 2 had the fault with all four symptoms mentioned above. Flashing firmware back and forth did not help. Put it into the freezer and brought it down to -10°C. Now the Altitude shown on the ST16 was -15m. It came up to -4m while the board warmed up but never reached zero.
      Now the board was flashed with customized PX4 autopilot (Thunderbird firmware from Toni Rosendahl). It cames up, could be connected to QGroundControl. After proper calibration it could be armed and all looks plausible. Due to poor test system not flight test was possible.
      But during soldering on the board I have destroyed a pull-up resistor. So, this board is crap now.
      No 3 had the fault with all four symptoms mentioned above and has it still. Used for further experiments.
      No 4 came with a defective IMU. Fault was reported by sound and red LED.
      No 5 got GPS lock and looks OK so far.
      No 6 came with mechanical destroyed quartz oscillator, does never came up.
      No 7 came without IMU but came up and showed the same error indication as No 4.
      At this point I decided to exchange IMU modules. MCU board No 4 got the IMU from dead board No 6. As result it came up and got GPS lock. This board looks good now.
      Then I replaced the IMU on MCU No7 with the one from No2. Now the fault with all four typically symptoms was moved to this MCU board. It looks like the problems travels with the IMU module. To verify this I have exchanged the IMU with the one from No 4. Now it got GPS lock and works. Change back brings the fault back.
      I’m pretty sure that the IMU is the reason for the faulty behavior. I think there is a charge of IMU modules that aging and run out of some threshold in the firmware. As result the EKF output for altitude and NED orientation is implausible and the pre-flight check fails.
      This assumption is supported by some observations I did during my tests. When IMU was changed it appears that accelerometer calibration could not level horizon. Also massive compass warnings occur. This could solved by firmware downgrade and stay solved after upgrade to latest version. Same was reported by some user that could get GPS lock after downgrade firmware. For the faulty modules here downgrade did not help.
      Final status: Two destroyed MCU-boards, two to reproduce the fault and three that seems to be good.
      The “good-ones” are only checked in the test system.
      In some cases the problem could overcome by downgrade the flight controller firmware to an old version. For the MCU-boards where I could reproduce the fault this didn’t work.
      2022-02-15 3/6

      I never did a compass calibration with the board except the Thunderbird. Flight test are still pending to make sure it could be used in a drone.
      Conclusion: Fault is probably caused by aged IMU module.
      In rare cases GPS lock came after very long time (~4h) and faster at next try.
      Sometimes it helps to downgrade the flight controller firmware. Not in all cases an upgrade
      to latest firmware is successful after that, but sometimes this is possible.
      MPU6050 contains a Micro Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS). Sometimes it helps easy
      to knock on the IMU holding it in different directions (x, y, z).
      The ultimate solution is to replace the flight controller module (MCU-board).
      Proper accelerometer and compass calibration is always needed before and during trouble shooting.
      2022-02-15 4/6

      MCU-Board No 3 was flashed with Toni Rosendahls “Thunderbird” firmware.
      After first power on QGroundControl reported pre-flight check error due to unstable altitude values. Calibration of all sensors was needed. IMU calibration consists of three different parts:
      Accelerometer • Level Horizon
      All three calibrations were done and pre-flight checks passed successful. Seems that more complex calibrations as done by QGroundControl can make IMU working. Unfortunately it is not possible to use this kind of calibration for MCU-boards with original Typhoon H firmware.
      External access to MPU of the IMU
      I have made an adapter for the tiny IMU connector in order to connect the IMU module to another device, in my case a Raspberry Pi.
      Installed a program to calibrate a MPU6050 from here:
      Then calibrated the IMU some times with this external program. Program says Calibration successful. But the problem persists, unfortunately.
      I tried to calibrate another MPU6050 from a CGO3+ camera and this seems to be OK.
      2022-02-15 5/6

      At the calibration result from Flight Controlles IMU, I wonder what those spikes mean which appear during calibration without moving the IMU.
      I have checked if there are possibilities to access R/W registers in order to improve self test for Acc- Z axis value. The answer is yes, we can access but no, it will not help. There is nothing to store or overwrite bias values.
      Here is a test SW for MPU6050 and some other sensors with I2C interface:
      With this tool I could go deeper into IMU functions. First finding is a problem with Z-axis of accelerometer. Measurement is wrong. The question is, why? Is it really the aging of this chip?
      2022-02-15 6/6

      Quelle : Stuhlkreis
    • Von den geschilderten Probleme kann man in einigen Foren seit Monaten lesen. Für die Lösung gibt es einen 6 Stufenplan:
      1. Deckel der Mülltonne auf
      2. H darüber halten
      3. H fallen lassen
      4. Deckel der Mülltonne zu
      5. Trauerminute einlegen
      6. Fertig

      Der 6 Stufenplan ist natürlich nicht ernst gemeint aber leider gibt es für den Normaluser keine Lösung des Problems, das bedeutet wohl wirklich ab mit dem H ink. Accus zum Sondermüll oder zum Wertstoffhof. Ich werde mir die Tage wohl mal meinen Q anschauen allerdings ließt man da keine solche Meldungen.
      Gruß - Bernd

      Einer der letzten Yuneec Q500 4K Flieger
      Im Gegensatz zum Hirn, meldet sich der Magen, wenn er leer ist.
      Übrigens, ich bevorzuge das "Neutrum contextualis"
      Das Unwort des Jahres 2023: Wärmepumpe
    • Bernd Q schrieb:

      Normaluser keine Lösung des Problems
      Für die "Experten" aber auch nicht!!
      Denn das Problem liegt an Material und Software was nicht passt.

      Dein 6 Stufenplan ist wirklich die einzige nachhaltige und sinnige Lösung. Ist leider so....
      Nichts, aber auch rein GAR NICHTS hat durch Politik der CDU-Grünen-SPD und FDP in den letzten 10 Jahren zum Wohlergehen der Bürger geführt!!
      NICHTS! :!: :!: TIME TO CHANGE de:f
    • Das scheint auch heute mein Problem zu sein. Ich habe den Vogel rückwärts in einen Baum geflogen und entsprechend gelandet. Ein Fuß, ein Arm erneuert. Wenn er dann schon auf der Werkbank steht schien der richtige Moment die neue Software EU 3.04 aufzuspielen. Das war wohl mein größter Fehler. Jetzt kann ich mit all den o.a. Problemen aufwarten. Wo finde ich noch die Vorgängerversion der Firmware? Meine letzte Hoffnung, das er damit wieder "normal" wird????
    • Fiete11 schrieb:

      Wo finde ich noch die Vorgängerversion der Firmware?
      Versuch dein Glück mal hier.
      Gruß - Bernd

      Einer der letzten Yuneec Q500 4K Flieger
      Im Gegensatz zum Hirn, meldet sich der Magen, wenn er leer ist.
      Übrigens, ich bevorzuge das "Neutrum contextualis"
      Das Unwort des Jahres 2023: Wärmepumpe
    • Hallo

      Welche Firmware möchtest Du ?



      ST-16 Fernsteurung Root
      Geht nicht gibt's nicht !
    • Danke an Euch Alle für Eure Hilfe!!
      Ich habe die Probleme wie folgt lösen können:
      CGO-ET Kamera raus CGO3 rein.
      Firmware 3.04E auf die Chipkarte der CGO3
      Update durchgeführt
      Alle angelegten Kopter in der ST16 gelöscht.
      Neustart von ST16 und H
      Neues Modell Typhoon H angelegt.
      H und CGO3 gebunden.
      Testflug war ok.
      CGO-ET wieder eingesetzt.
      H und CGO-ET neu gebunden.

      und jetzt fliegt er wieder so wie es sein soll! bier1;-)
      Gruß Fiete
    • Danke für das Feedback! Hilft evtl dem ein oder anderen ..... klasse11
      Nichts, aber auch rein GAR NICHTS hat durch Politik der CDU-Grünen-SPD und FDP in den letzten 10 Jahren zum Wohlergehen der Bürger geführt!!
      NICHTS! :!: :!: TIME TO CHANGE de:f