New Osmo Pocket Firmware Released 7.1.2019

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    • New Osmo Pocket Firmware Released 7.1.2019

      • Date: 2019.01.07
      • Firmware: v1.3.0.20 (file size is approx. 51MB)
      • DJI Mimo App iOS: v1.0.2
      • DJI Mimo App Android: v1.0.2

      • Added 1080p 25/50fps and 4K 25/50fps resolution to basic settings.
      • Added support to shoot 3x3 panorama photos when the tilt axis is between -20° and 80°.
      • Optimized ActiveTrack in DJI Mimo when detecting people’s head and shoulders in camera view.
      • Increased the time that the gimbal is in position to fit into the cover from five to eight seconds.
      • Optimized the focus in some situations.
      • Optimized ActiveTrack when the gimbal is in Portrait and Flashlight mode.
      • Fixed the issue where a red tint appeared when using Auto White Balance (AWB) in scenes that were predominantly green.
      • Fixed the issue affecting some devices where the charging time was slow.
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